The Orthodox Faith

Introduction to the Orthodox Church

Divorce and Abortion

Marriage is united by God. Those who are married should not separate. Orthodox church laments with the divorcees. the church have great compassion for the divorcees and does not take any law against this. In case a divorce occurs and remarriage takes place again, prayers and repenting is done by two parties and allowed to reunite. Abortion - In psalms 139;13, the scripture says that we were formed in our mothers womb and that God made every part of us. Abortion is perceived by orthodox church as a crime and killing of a human being. When the life of a person is terminated by abortion, God is not happy. Its logic to either abstain from unprotected sex or else give birth to the child and adopt him or her.

Councils of the church

The leadership conflict arose in the early church among the leaders. Councils of the church who are the elders and the apostles meet to resolve this problem. Local councils, regional councils as well as ''ecumenica'' councils all united to ensure the church is at peace. Orthodox church believes in the teachings of Ecumenica teachings to boost their faith.