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Divorce and Abortion

Marriage is united by God. Those who are married should not separate. Orthodox church laments with the divorcees. the church have great compassion for the divorcees and does not take any law against this. In case a divorce occurs and remarriage takes place again, prayers and repenting is done by two parties and allowed to reunite. Abortion - In psalms 139;13, the scripture says that we were formed in our mothers womb and that God made every part of us. Abortion is perceived by orthodox church as a crime and killing of a human being. When the life of a person is terminated by abortion, God is not happy. Its logic to either abstain from unprotected sex or else give birth to the child and adopt him or her.

Sites to check out in Oman

When you think of Oman, What crosses your mind?

In case you got the chance to go there, which spots will you pay a visit to?

It truly is sad that when you think of Oman, you may be thinking of desert-like spots only, you will not be blamed for this, but the real truth is there are other places in Oman that would make you dumbfounded.

There are so many stunning and fascinating spots you can pay a visit to in this lovely country that will make you with an ‘out of this world’ experience.

If you choose to go to this place, you will not regret it. You will always remember the beautiful times you put in during your trip.

The following is a well-researched checklist of areas that you can pay a visit to during your trip in Oman;

1. Mutrah Corniche

Mutrah Corniche is geographically based in Muscat and it is a very extraordinary area for the residents.

In medieval times, this area was known to be the center of trade for the dealers. This is a real representation of what is happening these days given that this spot has experienced good financial progress over the years.

This area is enjoyable throughout the evening hours, where one can opt to go for a walk along the seafront. You may have the opportunity to view the eye-catching structures and mosques and not leaving out the well-shaped hills.

Additionally during your walk, you can’t miss the frankincense tower which is a brilliant memorial in Muscat.

You may also opt to do a little store shopping in among the old markets within this spot referred to as Mutrah Souq. You could find a few Omani goods there that may appeal you.

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2. Nizwa Fort

In case you are a person who likes prehistoric sites then you might find it enjoyable when you visit the Nizwa Fort.

The fact is, this fort is a very good revenue stream in the tourism field and the rich background culture live on until this very day.

Another reality concerning the Nizwa fort is that it is one of the oldest forts in Oman. With an adventurous spirit, you may want to go up its tower for a wonderful view of the souq, mosques and many other gorgeous sights.

You may also have the chance to view crafty ladies producing attractive styles of crafts.

After its renovation, the Fort has place very appealing jewelry and resources that tell a lot concerning the history of people of Oman.

3. Jebel Shams

If you are a hill climber then this is an excellent place for you. You may take some time to opt for hiking together with your good friends.

The Jebel Shams has its own record of becoming among the highest peaks in the whole area of the Middle East.

Surprisingly there are also small homes that people stay in, and you might wonder just how they thrive in those conditions.

Additionally, you will find it enjoyable whenever you camp out at this regal location.

As beautiful as it is, the area has gained title the Grand Canyon of the Middles East.

4. Wadi Shab

This is a very exciting location that you need to take into account visiting during your holiday getaway in Oman. If you forget this location, then you will miss a lot.

This is a good area that you can love along with your family members especially when children are involved.

There are lots of things to do that you can like in this place, such as, trekking, cliff diving, swimming, go to secret caves and others. Boat riding can be another activity that you need to also have.

Wadi Shab is the best place to be, you will definitely like your time there.

5. The Islands of Daymaniyat

These island destinations are probably the finest places that you should think about visiting shortly after you have only arrived in Oman.

The islands are composed of white and exotic beaches that are characterized by blue oceans.

You may almost spend your whole holiday vacation at these spectacular islands.

You will have two kinds of diving at your plate in these island destinations; one the scuba diving and the snorkel. The choice is yours to make as long as you take pleasure in it.


There are many appealing spots that you can go to in this wonderful place referred to as Oman. On the other hand, checklist above has provided you with a few of the perfect sites you can check out while you get pleasure from your trips within this interesting country in the Middle East. Best wishes!

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Councils of the church

The leadership conflict arose in the early church among the leaders. Councils of the church who are the elders and the apostles meet to resolve this problem. Local councils, regional councils as well as ''ecumenica'' councils all united to ensure the church is at peace. Orthodox church believes in the teachings of Ecumenica teachings to boost their faith.